Graffiti-painting drones used to turn scaffolding into giant canvases

Graffiti-painting drones used to turn scaffolding into giant canvases. Italian architect Carlo Ratti’s Paint By Drone system uses remotely controlled flying robots to cover buildings in giant paintings. Designed to turn scaffolding into giant canvases, the system uses a formation of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to create artworks on blank surfaces. Each drone carries its own tank… [read more]

Designing Passion – Presented by Chiara Aliotta, Until Sunday

Designing Passion – Presented by Chiara Aliotta, Until Sunday at the Brand Experience Event, 5th edition, which takes place on 03 October 2017, at B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. According to Forbes, 90% of start-up businesses do not make it beyond the first 3 years. The reasons that business experts suggest are varied – the team is not… [read more]

Where will Pokémon Go take augmented reality?

It’s the hottest game in the world right now, but what do games developers think of Pokémon Go, and where do they think its success will take augmented reality? Pokémon Go hit the UK app store right smack in the middle of Brighton’s game developer conference Develop, and it seemed suddenly the entire indie community… [read more]

Experience design offers brands new tools for telling their stories

The way that brands market themselves is changing rapidly. Today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with generalized advertising and discounts. Instead, they’re seeking deeper, personalized relationships with the companies they support – from the cars they purchase to the beverages they drink. Experience design is playing an important role in delivering what consumers are seeking,… [read more]