Get more impact with a vivid brand experience

A brand experience is the experience you have every time you encounter a brand. That’s any interaction you take part in where an element of a brand is present. In other words, it’s every time you wander into a shop, test a product, use a service, unwrap some packaging, watch an ad or read a brand’s social media posts.

The more compelling the experience, the faster you will build brand loyalty. In fact, the experience you build becomes your brand in your customers’ minds.

You must think about both the totality of the experience as well as the tonality. Totality is about the completeness and consistency across your various elements and tonality is about the spirit of the experience. Interactivity can involve people in more depth. How the experience can become something they don’t just passively experience, but actually take more of an active part in.

It is important to make your brand experience something people will value. Something that resonates, that speaks to people, something that they will enjoy and derive utility from. Without this, the brand experience might be a bit of fun or a nice gimmick, but nothing more.

The Brand Experience Event is all about the development of brand experiences from concept to realisation and, most importantly, about the results for the brands. International Speakers from various organisations will share how their experiences led to better results.

Focus topics:

  • Development of brand experiences from concept to realisation (result oriented)
  • Digital/Virtual experience meets physical experience
  • End-results for the brands

Who should attend?

  • brand managers / marketing managers / product managers
  • retail directors / retail marketeers
  • museum directors / museum curators
  • project developers
  • interaction designers / service designers
  • city marketeers
  • anyone who sees potential in brand experiences

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Find more about the 2015 edition, with speakers from Dolby Labs, MediaLAB Amsterdam, Design Driven City Helsinki, European Centre for Experience and Transformation Economy, Persona Academy, Living Lab, Stratumseind 2.0, City of Eindhoven, Museum Rotterdam, Erasmus University, DITSS, World of WAW, Wennekes’ office for imagination.


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